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14K Solid Gold Stamped Personalized Bar Charm 


We make all of our personalized Bars (Tags) by hand with love in Toronto, Canada. We have every personalized piece rendered to ensure proportions are correct. Birthdate or Initials of a loved one(s) a fabulous way to personalize your charm necklace. Fabulous anniversary, baby or birthday gifts.  


Our stamped bars can have a different amount of characters depending on the size see below, you can also add diamond spacers, again depending on the size of the chosen Bar (Tag).


Available in yellow, white, and rose gold


To choose your stamped customization please input your letters/numbers into the personalization box, in the form: text * text * text; where * represents a spacer. Text will run down the center of the bar (tag) and the text can be either horizontally or vertically facing. 

Please note - We always do the LONG bars slightly asymmetrically by starting the characters slightly lower so that the top (approximately) quarter is blank. If you would like this differently or you use maximum characters this can be changed, just reach out to us! 

Small Dog Tag can have a maximum of 2 spacers

Medium Bar can have a maximum of 2 spacers

Long Bar can have a maximum of 3 spacers

Large Bar can have a maximum of 4 spacers


Small Dog Tag: Length: 21.4 mm Width: 9.85 mm

Medium Bar: Length: 29.5 mm Width: 9.8 mm

Long Bar: Length: 34.37 mm Width: 6.60 mm

Large Bar: Length: 39.99 mm Width: 12.28 mm

Loop: 6 mm (We are happy to customize the loop size to ensure the charm will fit on larger existing chains, please email us your order with the required loop size. An additional $25 CAD will be added for loop customization.)

*Please note that all photos on the website are for visual reference only. Products may vary slightly in size, shape, spacing, and font size from the image shown. We often adjust the font size and character spacing based on the specific piece of jewelry and the number of characters requested.  

*All of our fine jewelry is custom made to order in Los Angeles and Toronto, therefore, please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for production. Please note all measurements are approximate. 

**Due to the fluctuations in the gold market we occasionally need to adjust our prices to reflect these changes. We apologize if this price has increased since you last browsed.

***When customizing your bar please contact us for further design and pricing options


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