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14K Gold Diamond Love and Union Talisman Charm

Our stunning Diamond Love and Union Talisman Charm is adorned with crossed arrows, a star, and a crescent moon. It is the perfect charm to layer into your collection and it looks absolutely fabulous when worn alone or mixed with others!

The Crossed Arrows symbolizes a union of friendship and love, that previously did not exist separately. 

The Crescent Moon symbolizes change, renewal, and female empowerment 

The Star represents purity, good luck, aspiration, and enlightenment.  


Diamond Count & Weight: 109 || 0.29 ct

 *All of our fine jewelry is custom made to order in Los Angeles and Toronto, therefore, please allow approximately 6 - 8 weeks for production. Please note all measurements are approximate. 

** Due to the fluctuations in the gold market we occasionally need to adjust our prices to reflect these changes. We apologize if this price has increased since you last browsed. 


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