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What’s behind a charm? I guess it’s different for everyone. A memory, a milestone, an ancestors gift, a present from a friend or family member, or simply something that speaks to you that brings you joy. 

My first charm bracelet wasn’t actually mine, but a gift. It belonged to my Granny, Lily. I loved the sound it made, the pictures of my great grandparents, a scissor charm that actually could actually cut paper, the house that would open to show 2 mice sleeping in their bed, a camera that would pop out when you hit the button, and even a church that opened to expose wedding rings. These charms dated back to the ’40s and perhaps before. My grandmother's bracelet gets worn once a year. On her birthday, May 18th.  This began my love of charms. My own collection began while studying abroad in Europe. I collected one from every city I visited. My next charm bracelets are in their early stages – for my 2 daughters, Lily and Charlotte. Each year a new charm is added to represent a milestone for them. A shoe for their first step, a mini-book when they began to read, a Canadian flag when we moved to Toronto…you get the idea!

Tara’s fascination with charms began as a baby. Her mother would wear a charm bracelet that had been passed down from for paternal grandmother. As a baby, toddler and then throughout childhood this was what Tara played with constantly while waiting at restaurants, doctor’s offices or airports (before the era of IPads!). The charms represent travel and family. Tara’s grandmother began going to Maine in the 1930s and the family still considers this special place home every summer. Hence the lobster trap charm! This charm was especially beloved as the lobster inside the trap could actually move. There is a jade charm on the bracelet which was a gift that Tara’s dad bought for his mother on his first trip to Asia and a Good Luck charm from a later trip to the Far East. Tara’s mother continued to add to the bracelet for years particularly with charms partial to places and travel. A gondola from Austria, a coin from the UK etc. This collection grew over the years and was held together with the chain from Tara’s grandfather’s pocket watch. 

Fast forward to the present day. SALT. has become a passion (some could call it an obsession) for Tara and I! Now our charm necklaces and bracelets consist of endless combinations – every day a new look! Just like an outfit that suits your mood of the day. We are always in anticipation of, and excited to see what charm will enter our collection next! Enjoy your charm journey, whether it’s one that has meaning, a combination of makes you happy, or one that you are simply attracted to, add the old with the new to tell your personal story.…always a fun meaningful gift that will last a lifetime. Who knows, perhaps you’re great, great-grandchildren will be playing with the pill/vitamin charm because it opens! One of our favorites for that hidden reason. 


Sally & Tara

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